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Life-size Majestic Spirit Rearing Horse

SKU: BC-DT4519-23L
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Life-Sized Over 10 feet tall and nearly 8 feet long!

The unbridled power of this Majestic Spirit wild Mustang, hooves cleaving the air, is frozen in the attitude of one of the most impressively elegant equine sculptural works of art in recent memory. Majestic Spirit, our rearing horse cast bronze garden statue, sculpted facing left, is wild by nature, showcasing his strength and will become an outstanding focal point of any outdoor garden or grand gallery.

At over ten feet tall, and nearly eight feet long, this Majestic Spirit rearing horse is life-sized! Expertly cast and hand-crafted one-piece-at-a-time in the traditional lost wax method, our weighty Majestic Spirit sculpture is expertly finished with hand-applied multi-toned sepia, highlighting the socks, mane, tail, and fine details of the original sculpture. This impressive 360-degree heirloom-quality bronze statue conveys that you take the exterior of your home as seriously at the interior.

Available in Left or Right Facing:

  • Left: 93"W x 45"D x 121"H. 450 lbs.
  • Right: 88"W x 44"D x 117"H. 450 lbs.
Dimension (L x W x H) 93 x 45 x 121 Inch
Weight 450 Pound